Amisfield Pinot Noir 2018

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Fruits, leather & spice with an underlying hint of savoury earthiness. The palate is crammed with deep ripe fruits, fine grained tannins reminiscent of good quality dark chocolate and lively acidity to give the wine life & length.


The 2009Pinot Noirs will reward from cellaring up to 8 years, but with its supple tannins and powerful aromatics drink now, you will not be disappointed! Definitely a keeper from this stable.


Winemaking Notes: The fruit ripened well and with such small crops the fruit had particularly good intensity. The fruit also ripened evenly and was picked over a 3 week period. Ripeness was full with healthy sugars, balanced acidity and all the structural elements in place with minimal intervention. Vinification was slightly shorter than previous years as we felt that with smaller berries we would be at risk of over-extracting the beautiful tannins we had grown. After about 20 days of soaking, fermenting & macerating, the wines were pressed to 25% new French oak Barriques and the wines transferred to our underground cellar for 10 months. We use the term raised in deference to the French term “elevage” which effectively means to raise as opposed to ageing wine. In a manner similar to children we prefer the notion that we allow the wines to develop character and depth by maturing in barrel as opposed to simply

getting older. In this process we use subtle lees stirring and gentle but strict barrel management to allow this development to run its full course.